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Skaldvik Viking Encampment | Raven's Head Productions, LLC

Welcome to Skáldvik!

The morning bread lay cooking on the baking stone over the fire Morði had started, its scent overcoming the inhabitants of Skaldvik welcoming them to a new day.  Bera, only two years old, sluggishly rubbed her eyes as her mother and father bustled around the village preparing for the day; it was early and it was time to work.

Skaldvik: a living, breathing community of historical reenactors discovering, uncovering, and rediscovering the old ways of the late middle age Scandinavians in the name of amateur experimental archaeology and edutainment.

A look in the past: 2014

WOW!  2014 was an incredible season.  We started on July 5 and between then and August accomplished the incredible: we built a village, acquired new iron tools courtesy of Shane (http://www.forgedknives.net/), constructed a grindverk woodpile cover, shaving horse, spring pole lathe, tables, A-frame tents, a rune stone, a warp-weighted loom, and so much more.  We definitely hit the ground running and that’s precisely what the Skaldvik Encampment is all about: getting involved, becoming immersed, and loving every second of it.

But what if you’re new?

What does it mean to be a member of Skaldvik?

As a member of the Skaldvik Encampment, you will be contributing to and be a part of a growing community of re-enactors, history enthusiasts, educators, crafters, entertainers, and more.  You will have a chance to learn new skills based on old wisdom, and have a blast as we build new period structures, plant gardens and learn herbalism, construct 10th century chests for storage, play games over 1,000 years old, and more. You will also join a family of like-minded people comprised of professionals, actors, Rennies, SCAdians, software developers, travelers, and the list goes on.

Membership in Skaldvik is about contribution, learning, and teaching.  As such members will be expected to cook, chop wood, work the lathe or loom; help build, clean, educate patrons, give workshops or demonstrations, and all around live in Skaldvik as someone of that era would have.

The key is to find your passion, embrace it, and go for it!  When you sign up for membership, you will fill out an application and tell us what you’d like to do and/or learn.  When we get started on grounds, we match you up with those who might assist you in learning your craft or those who might wish to learn from your experiences!

In short, everyone contributes just as villagers back then would have experienced.

Your Benefits


Participant's Pass

$125+ value
  • Through a special arrangement with the New York Renaissance Faire, you may be supplied with a seasonal pass allowing you entry onto the faire’s grounds before it opens.  In exchange for this pass, members must donate time in the settlement.


$125 value for 1st person, $75 value for each additional
  • While camping is limited, certain member levels will be able to live in the settlement or in a reserved area of the behind-the-scenes campground Friday through Sunday during the faire’s season, depending on historical accuracy of your tent.  Not a fan of living like a “barbarian”?  We have access to showers, bathrooms and more.  There is a $50 refundable deposit made to the faire for your campsite, returnable at the end of the faire’s season in late September after your tent site has been verified as cleaned up.

Single Member, 2015

Become a valuable member of a growing community dedicated to the entertainment and education of all interested in ancient Scandinavian life.  And have fun doing it!  Membership includes Participants Pass ($125+ value), preferred parking for one (up to a $190 value), camping for one ($125 value), and all the goodness membership in Skaldvik has to offer.

2015 Single Membership ……….. $250

One Viking, please

Clan Membership, 2015

Bring the clan and save over $400!  Two adults (18+) may join, each with their own benefits!  Includes seasonal preferred parking for two cars ($380 value), Participants Pass for two ($250+ value), camping for two ($200 value), workshops, community, learning, and more.  Remember, children 12 and under are free!

2015 Clan Membership ……….. $400

Two Vikings, please

What does “Skaldvik” mean?

A skald is a Viking-age storyteller, one who told the deeds of the heroes and gods of the day.  We owe our current knowledge of Norse culture in large part to this class of warrior-poets who, between the 10th and 12th centuries, recorded the stories of the Norse gods and the deeds of Icelanders, Norwegians, Danes, and Swedes on paper.

A vik comes from the Old Norse vík and is a bay, cove, or inlet.

As we have a stream running alongside the encampment, we utilize poetic license and stretch our stream into a bay and call it “Skaldvik”, or “A Storyteller by the Stream.”

Skald Starkaðr Ásbjörnsson speaks to audiences